Vladivostok, Primorsky Stage, Chamber Hall

Flowers and jewelry

Chamber music concert

Alena Diyanova (soprano)
Alisa Fedorenko (soprano)
Samira Galimova (soprano)
Anastasiya Kikot (soprano)
Iveta Simonyan (soprano)
Laura Bustamante (mezzo-soprano)
Irina Kolodyazhnaya (mezzo-soprano)
Alexei Kostyuk (tenor)
Roman Krukovich (tenor)
Vsevolod Marilov (tenor)
Marat Mukhametzyanov (baritone)
Dmitry Nelasov (baritone)
Nikita Odalin (baritone)
Sergei Pleshivtsev (bass)
Maria Kinsht (violin)
Elizaveta Markovich (violin)
Elizaveta Kulman (violin)
Miroslava Nimirya (viola)
Elizaveta Sushchenko (cello)
Ziynel Zaitov (cello)
Renat Mensitov (double-bass)
Boris Arkhangelsky (vibraphone)

Johannes Brahms
Sapphische Ode (“Ode to Sappho”) (lyrics by G. Schmidt) 

Franz Schubert
Die Perle (“Pearl”) (lyrics by J.G. Jacobi)

Franz Liszt
Die Perle (“Pearl”) (lyrics by T. Hohenlohe, translation by A. Berdnikov)

Richard Strauss
Mädchenblumen (“Maiden Flowers”) Vocal Cycle (lyrics by F. Dahn) 

Giacomo Puccini
Crisantemi (“Chrysanthemums”), Elegy for string quartet 

Léo Delibes
Spanish bolero Les filles de Cadix (“The Beauties of Cádiz”) (lyrics by A. de Musset)
The Flower Duet from Lakmé opera 

Sergei Lyapunov
The Last Flowers (lyrics by A. Pushkin)

César Cui
I Touched a Flower (lyrics by V. Nemirovich-Danchenko) 

Mily Balakirev
Among the Flowers (lyrics by I. Aksakov)

Boris Prozorovsky
Gillyflowers (lyrics by V. Bashkin)

Anton Arensky
Violets, Duet (lyrics by H. Heine) 

Fedor Nadenenko
The Last Flowers (lyrics by A. Pushkin)

Yuri Milyutin
Lilac and Bird-Cherry (lyrics by A. Sofronov) 

Boris Fomin
Emerald (lyrics by A. D'Aktil) 

Alexander Vertinsky
Tango Magnolia (lyrics by A. Vertinsky)

Pyotr Bulakhov
Oh My Bluebells (lyrics by A. Tolstoy) 

Nikolai Tcherepnin
Pure Blue Snowdrop Flower (lyrics by A. Fet) 

Nikolai Kharito
Autumn Asters (lyrics by S. Grey) 

Veniamin Basner
White Acacia’s Clusters, Fragrant and Luscious (lyrics by M. Matusovsky) 

Alexander Shilovsky
Night Flowers (lyrics by E. Varzhenevskaya) 

Georgs Pelēcis
Flowering Jasmine, Concerto for cello, vibraphone, and string quartet

Sergei Rachmaninoff
Daisies, Song for violin and piano (arranged by F. Kreisler) 

Bedřich Smetana
Dahlia, Polka for violin and piano (arranged by A. Sokolov) 

Wilhelm Popp
Rose, Waltz for flute and piano 

Joaquín Valverde
Clavelitos (“Little Carnations”)

Tikhon Khrennikov
As a Nightingale about a Rose (lyrics by P. Antokolsky)
Dorothea’s Song about Flowers from the opera Dorothea 

Evgeniy Ptichkin
Daisies Hid (lyrics by I. Shaferan) 

Pauline Viardot
Les Deux Roses (“Two Roses”) (lyrics by A. Fet) 

Charles Gounod
Marguerite’s Aria with Pearls from the opera Faust

Host of the concert: Elizaveta Sushchenko

About the Concert

The program of the concert “Flowers and jewelry” that is taking place the day before the main spring holiday is a symbolic dedication to the beautiful half of humanity. At all times, these have been traditional gifts to ladies as a sign of love and admiration. That is why all the musical pieces to be performed this evening will be connected with flowers and jewelry in one way or another. Lyrical songs, exquisite romances, vivid pop numbers and ingenious, sparkling instrumental miniatures – all these musical pieces will be tied together into a luxurious colorful bouquet. This abundance of chamber repertoire pearls will certainly create the spring festive mood that will become a truly wonderful gift for the audience.

Age category 6+

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