The House of Officers of Ussuriysk Garrison, Ussuriysk

New Year Gala

Alena Diyanova (soprano)
Alisa Fedorenko (soprano)
Alina Mikhailik (soprano)
Laura Bustamante (mezzo-soprano)
Natalia Yakimova (mezzo-soprano)
Ilya Astafurov (tenor)
Mingiyan Odzhaev (tenor)
Marat Mukhametzyanov (baritone)
Alexei Repin (baritone)
The Mariinsky Orchestra of the Primorsky Stage
Conductor: Pavel Smelkov

Sergei Rachmaninoff
Romances. Orchestration by Pavel Smelkov: 

Part I
“Letter to Stanislavsky”, TN 56
“At My Window”, Op. 26 No. 10. Lyrics by G. Galina
“How Peaceful”, Op. 21 No. 7. Lyrics by G. Galina
“My Child, Your Beauty is That of a Flower”, Op. 8 No. 2. Lyrics by A. Pleshcheyev
“Water Lily”, Op. 8 No. 1. Lyrics by A. Pleshcheyev
“Melody”, Op. 21 No. 9. Lyrics by S. Nadson
“The Muse”, Op. 34 No. 1. Lyrics by A. Pushkin 
“C'était en avril” (April! Festive Spring Day), TN 52/1. Lyrics by V. Tushnova
“Lilacs”, Op. 21 No. 5. Lyrics by E. Beketova
“I Await You”, Op. 14 No. 1. Lyrics by M. Davidova
“I was with Her”, Op. 14 No. 4. Lyrics by A. Koltsov
“Spring Torrents”, Op. 14 No. 11. Lyrics by F. Tyutchev

Part II
Six Songs, Op. 38
No. 1. “At Night in my Garden”. Lyrics by A. Blok, after Isahakyan
No. 2. “To Her”. Lyrics by А. Bely
No. 3. “Daisies”. Lyrics by I. Severyanin
No. 4. “The Pied Piper”. Lyrics by V. Bryusov
No. 5. “Sleep”. Lyrics by F. Sologub
No. 6. “A-oo!”. Lyrics  by K. Balmont

“Sing not, Oh Lovely One”, Op. 4 No. 4. Lyrics by A. Pushkin
“A Dream”, Op. 8 No. 5. Lyrics by А. Pleshcheyev
“Morning”, Op. 4 No. 2. Lyrics by М. Yanov
“In the Silence of the Secret Night”, Op. 4 No. 3. Lyrics by A. Fet
“She is as Beautiful as Midday”, Op. 14 No. 9. Lyrics by N. Minsky
“Were You Hiccupping?”, TN 54. Lyrics by P. Vyazemsky
“They Replied”, Op. 21 No. 4. Lyrics by V. Hugo. Translation by L. Mei

Age category 6+

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