Vladivostok, Primorsky Stage, Chamber Hall

Roads to Happiness

Evening of vocal and instrumental music

Elizaveta Senatorova (soprano)
Maria Suzdaltseva (soprano)
Irina Kolodyazhnaya (mezzo-soprano)
Dmitry Migulyov (baritone)
Marat Mukhametzyanov (baritone)
Alexei Maslov (violin)
Yuri Ozhegov (viola)
Elizaveta Sushchenko (cello)
Alexander Piyaltsev (flute)
Tereza Charyeva (harp)
Alexey Tikhomirov (piano)
Ivan Kuligovsky (piano)

Felix Mendelssohn
Reiselied (“The Road Song”), Op. 34 No. 6 (1837). Lyrics by L. Uhland 

Henri Duparc
L'invitation au voyage (The Invitation to Voyage”), IHD 10 (1870). Lyrics by Ch. Baudelaire

Gabriel Pierné
Voyage au pays du tendre (“Voyage to the Land of Tenderness”) for flute, string trio and harp, IGP 98 (1935)

Henri Ketten
J'en veux faire le chemin (“I Wish to Make it the Path”), IHK 18 (1878). Lyrics by V. Hugo

Georges Lamothe
À bientôt! (“See You Later!”). Waltz for piano, IGL 1

Charles Oberthür
Voyage lyrique (“Lyric Voyage”) for harp, ICO 60

Francis Poulenc
Les chemins de l’amour (“The Pathways of Love”), FP 106 (1940). Lyrics by J. Anouilh

Jacques Offenbach
Waltz from the operetta Le voyage dans la lune (“The Voyage to the Moon”) (1875)

Claude François
My Way. Lyrics by Paul Anka

Bert Kämpfert 
Strangers in the Night. Lyrics by Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder

Mikhail Glinka
Nocturne La Séparation (“The Separation”), IMG 34 (1839). Arrangement for cello and piano by E. Sushchenko
Travelling Song from the cycle A Farewell to Saint Petersburg, IMG 9 No. 6 (1840). Lyrics by N. Kukolnik

Boris Tishchenko
Vocal cycle The Road, Op. 57 (1973/1996). Lyrics by O. Driz

Isaak Dunayevsky
Marusia’s song from the operetta Roads to Happiness (1940)
The Road Song. Lyrics by S. Vasiliev

Yan Frenkel
The Parting Waltz from the movie The Women (1965). Lyrics by K. Vanshenkin 

Mark Minkov
On the Way of Good from the movie The Adventures of Little Muk (1983). Lyrics by Yu. Entin

Oscar Feltsman 
Fourteen minutes to the start. Lyrics by V. Voinovich

Host of the concert: Elizaveta Sushchenko

About the Concert

“How can one boat to those shores, where no melancholy is known, where good and love rein?” This is a question to be translated into music and answered by opera soloists and orchestra members in the new chamber music concert “Roads to Happiness” at the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre.

During Part I of the Evening the audience will enjoy “music of wanderings” by foreign composers including songs by Felix Mendelssohn, Henri Ketten, Henri Duparc and Francis Poulenc, Jacques Offenbach’s waltz and Frank Sinatra’s legendary hits My Way and Strangers in the Night. The unusual cast – a flute, string trio and a harp – will make the delicate “Voyage to the Land of Tenderness” (Voyage au pays du tendre) by Gabriel Pierné.

Part II will be opened with some compositions by Mikhail Glinka, a Russian classic who was intensely keen on journeys. The songs from the vocal cycle The Road by Boris Tishchenko will turn into wise parables of hard walks in life. The pursuit of happiness will end in songs by such Soviet composers as Isaak Dunayevsky, Yan Frenkel, Mark Minkov and Oscar Feltsman, which first sounded in movies.

Age category 6+

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