Dear Patrons!
Please note the following main Policies for attending the Theatre:

1. By acquiring a ticket, season pass, guided tour (hereafter The Ticket) to a performance at the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre (hereafter The Theatre), patrons accept these Policies and must observe these Policies and general public order within the Theatre building.

2. The Theatre’s administration reserves the right to amend casts in the Theatre’s productions without prior notice. Any changes in the cast of performers do not constitute grounds for ticket return, only in cases of solo performances and recitals.

3. Ticket return policies are regulated by the User Agreement that can be found on the Theatre’s website at If any further questions occurred that cannot be solved by a Receptionist of theatre, viewer can contact the Chief Administrator in order to solve them.

4. Tickets that has been modified (including ones that hiding information) is considered to be invalid. Administration of a theatre has a right to deny visit to theatre without refunding the ticket cost. This rule also applies to use of electronic tickets.

5. While in the Theatre, patrons must respect Theatre property and observe public order and fire safety regulations. Material damage caused to the Theatre renders the perpetrator subject to prosecution under existing legislation of the Russian Federation. Where a cloakroom coat-check is lost the patron must contact a representative of the organisation servicing the cloakroom (cloakroom attendant) and the Theatre’s Duty Administrator. In the case of loss of personal items, the patron should contact the Theatre’s Duty Administrator.

6. Information about times, venues, cancellations and re-timetabling of performances is available from Mariinsky Theatre box-offices, by calling information on +7 (423) 240-60-60 and on the official Mariinsky Theatre website at https://prim. in the section “Playbill.”

7. One theatre ticket is valid for one person, regardless of age. In accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No 436-FZ dated 29.12.2010 “On the protection of children from information that may harm their health and development,” please make sure of the age category requirement to ensure that the performance is appropriate for children. This information may be found in playbills, on the official Mariinsky Theatre website and on your tickets.

8. Entry for the audience and the work of Theatre and buffet staff begins no earlier than 1,5 (one and a half) hour before the start of a performance (concert). Entry into the auditorium is permitted after the first bell. After the third bell entry into the stalls and amphitheatre is not permitted. In case of late arrival, you will be offered an alternative seat by the ushers, taking the seat indicated on your ticket during the interval.

9. During performances all communication devices must be switched to silent regime.

10. In accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation, Theatre performances (and concerts and other events) are the intellectual property of the Theatre and the production teams. To protect copyright and other contiguous laws, all kinds of photo, audio and video recording of performances or parts thereof are strictly forbidden without special permission from the Theatre’s administration.

11. It is forbidden to enter the auditorium:
- in outdoor clothing;
- with beverages and/or food;
- with flowers;
- under the influence of alcohol.

12. In order to protect the personal safety of visitors and to ensure audience enjoyment of the performance, it is strictly forbidden to bring the following items into Theatre premises: weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous, staining and radioactive substances, piercing and cutting equipment, pyrotechnic devices, laser torches, narcotics of any kind, suitcases, large packages or bags and pets. Security officers reserve the right to inspect the contents of bags/purses of audience members. If the audience member refuses to show the contents of his/ her bag/purse, the administration of Theatre has the right to call the police.

13. We would like to ask you:
- not to cross any barriers or open any windows;
- not to sit or stand in passageways or staircases in the auditoriums during performances; patrons should only sit in the seats designated on their tickets - not to enter technical or other premises not open to the general public;
- not to produce graffiti or distribute announcements, posters or any other information materials; not to wear or exhibit any signs or symbols which may incite racial, social, national or religious hatred or promote abuse;
- not to engage in trade of any description, sales of tickets or excursions of Theatre premises;
- not to use audio equipment with sound amplifiers as well as to sing, dance or play any musical instruments that may be within Theatre premises;
- not to wear clothing that may stain or have any other items or foodstuffs that may stain the clothing of other patrons within Theatre.

14. Theatre policy is that flowers brought for performers must be presented by ushers or administration after the performance. If you intend to come with a bouquet, please present it to an usher in advance and say to whom it should be presented.

15. In accordance with Federal Law No 15-FZ dated 23.02.2013 “On the protection of citizens’ health from the effects of tobacco smoke and/or passive smoking,” smoking is strictly forbidden in all Theatre premises.

16. At the Mariinsky Theatre (at each of the stage venues) there is a Book of Complaints and Suggestions which you may receive from the Duty Administrator at any time. Should you have any problem of any description, please inform the Duty Administrator or write to the Theatre stating the nature of your problem and address this to the Director of the Administrative Service.

Any persons who do not observe the aforementioned Policies, disturb public order and/or endanger the lives and/or health of other patrons may be removed from Theatre premises by the Theatre’s Security Service staff. Depending on the nature of the infringement, the Theatre’s administration may limit itself to issuing a warning, or information may be passed onto police authorities for appropriate action to be taken.

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