Valery Gergiev: “Today’s Vladivostok goes ahead to become a mainstay of opera culture throughout Russia”

On August 29, 2020 the media conference was held at the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre by Valery Gergiev, an Artistic Director and a Principal Conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre. The maestro arrived to Vladivostok together with the Mariinsky Orchestra to take part in four premieres at the V International Mariinsky Far East Festival.

When asked by media reporters, Valery Gergiev gave the following answers particularly:

“No doubt, these six months interrupted our work. In Saint Petersburg, we were in abeyance for a short time, but from the end of April we have started preparing about twenty operas… That is more than at the most of the other world-known theatres yearly. Our resources are still vast. Having had our stages in Vladivostok and Vladikavkaz and planned to open our stage in Kemerovo, we know that any work that is staged in Saint Petersburg will be performed in Vladivostok or elsewhere.”

“We are one team, one family. In addition to traditional performances of our ballet company – there were some in Saint Petersburg – performances of our opera company have become a tradition, too. In Moscow we staged The Tsar’s Bride; the opera was a really great performance and had the appreciative audience. As well as some other works, it was surely performed in Saint Petersburg. It seems to me that the tradition will be continued notwithstanding any restrictions. No doubt, the restrictions will be maintained; we cannot stage a large-scale ballet or opera where there is an incredible amount of dancers or chorus singers on the stage.”

“Today’s Vladivostok goes ahead to become a mainstay of opera culture throughout Russia. We understand well that some theatres to the east of Moscow or Saint Petersburg are making themselves known and going to compete silently somehow. Someone could stage unusual performances; someone can prepare an unusual repertoire. Out task is to make the both, and most importantly, any ballet or opera that is in the repertoire here should be performed not two or three but 15 to 20 times.”

“Absolutely nothing can change our mind to reach for the stars.”

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