Vladivostok, Primorsky Stage, Great Hall

Yuzuru (タ鶴)

Opera (semi-staged performance)

Performed in Japan


The Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Ken Takaseki

Tsu: Miwako Handa
Yohyo: Keiro Ohara
Unzu: Tomohiro Tani
Sodo: Shigeki Mine

Suginami Junior Chorus


Music by Ikuma Dan
Libretto by Junji Kinoshita after the folklore story Tsuru no Ongaeshi (lit. Crane's Return of a Favor)

Stage Director and Production Designer: Shigetaka Matsumoto
Set Designer: Sachiko Osawa
Lighting Designer: Noriko Ishikawa
Costume Designer: Naoko Maeoka
Chorus Mistress: Asako Tsushima

The performance of this work is licensed by Schott Music Co. Ltd, Tokyo on behalf of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers LTD


It happened once upon a time, in a village somewhere in the snow.

A young man named Yohyo saves the life of a suffering crane who has been shot with an arrow. Later, a beautiful woman named Tsu appears before Yohyo. They fall in love and marry, and live together happily. But two greedy men, Sodo and Unzu, see that the beautiful “cloth of a thousand cranes” woven by Tsu sells for high prices in the city, and attempt to discover Tsu’s true identity.

Sodo and Unzu scheme to make a lot of money by urging Tsu to weave more cloth. Incited by the two greedy men, Yohyo is caught up in their plan.

Tsu is saddened to see her beloved husband possessed by greed; because of her deep love, however, she resolves to sacrifice her own wishes and weave new cloth. But she makes Yohyo promise never to look into the room where she is weaving.

But Sodo and Unzu peep into the weaving room and are astonished to see a crane holding feathers in its mouth and moving about over the loom. Spurred on by the greedy men, Yohyo breaks his promise to Tsu and looks into the room as well.

Now that the crane’s true form has been seen, she can no longer live as the beautiful woman Tsu. Having grown thin from her efforts, she gives the finished cloth to Yohyo and tearfully bids him farewell. She then turns back into a crane and leaves forever.

World premiere: 30 January 1952, Asahi Kaikan, Osaka
Production premiere: 05 March 2019

Running time 2 hours 10 minutes The performance has one interval 

The production is presented by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan and the Mariinsky Theatre.


Age category 6+

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