New Guidelines for Attending the Theatre

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, please, pay your attention to the following amendments to the Guidelines for Attending the Theatre during the Pandemic.

In accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 595 dated October 20, 2021 and the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation No. 1737 dated October 26, 2021, from October 30, 2021 to a date of abolition of the restrictions while entering the Theatre any adult visitor must present one of the following documents:

– a QR-code confirming undergoing a full vaccination course for the coronavirus infection;

– a QR-code confirming recovery from the COVID-19 and that 6 or less months passed since the date of recovery; or

– a certificate confirming medical exemption from vaccination together with a negative PCR test carried out 72 or less hours before his or her visit to the Theatre.

Any visitor may be asked to produce passport or other ID.

How will I get a QR code on the Government Services Portal (gosuslugi.ru)?

Any QR-code should be produced in an electronic device or paper form in a format that can be scanned by a camera of any smartphone, tablet computer or other device connected with Internet.

If any visitor is unable to fulfill the above requirements, he or she may apply for refunding his or her ticket to the Theatre ticket offices before the event specified in his or her ticket provided that his or her ticket was bought before October 26, 2021.

All details referring to refunds of tickets bought at the Theatre website are here.

Tickets bought before October 26, 2021 inclusive are subject to refund in full.

Any visitor under age is only admissible to the Theatre when in a face mask or respirator.

Non-Russian citizens must present a negative PCR test, issued in paper form, carried out one day before visiting the theatre.

Thank you for your understanding and support within this hard period. The Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre will do its best to make your visit as comfortable as possible under these circumstances. To ensure spectators’ safety, the Primorsky Stage has made special arrangements in conformity with the Rospotrebnadzor’s requirements. Please, remember that masks or respirators should be used for a whole period of staying in the building of the Theatre.

If you have any questions referring to the new rules, please, contact our enquiry service at +7 (423) 240-60-60.

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